Tuesday, August 19, 2008

V/Wave/TI Review on VSE Forum

The poster "23" has written a fine comparative review of the V-Synth, the Access Virus TI, and the Nord Wave, on the Vintage Synth Explorer's forum (which, BTW, has a snazzy new format).  The review lays out the advantages and disadvantages of each, bearing in mind that they aren't really targeted towards the same audiences.  There are also some good responses in the comments, of which two salient points:

  • One commenter thinks that the TI may be the end of the Virus line, it having evolved far from the original Virus A design.  What might Access (which has made its name in VA synthesis) follow it up with?  I wonder if DSP design has progressed to the point where they could build a new VA that does synthesis by running actual circuit simulations in real time (something that has been speculated on in the Synth-DIY mailing list), and bring it in at a reasonable price point.  
  • I tend to agree with the posters who can't figure out why the Nord Wave is so pricey.  I had thought from the name that it was a follow-on design to the famous PPG Wave keyboards, but it appears that it isn't quite that.

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