Thursday, August 7, 2008

A studio being born

We've finally finished the basement, and the studio is moving to its permanent home downstairs.  A few pics from last weekend:

The mixer and the old keyboard stand are positioned where they are going to go.  I've ordered another keyboard stand.

The old keyboard stand.  The table in front of it is holding the shelf that goes on the top tier of the stand.  The brown case contains the Kramer bass.  The box in  front of the table is the EML 101.

New keyboard stand will go where the bass pedals are.

Rolands patiently awaiting their assignments.  Front to back: JD800, V-Synth, Juno 106.  The box in the foreground with the big orange knob is a Boss DR-202 drum machine.

The lounge area.

Sunset at Chez Cornutt.

Some more pics, from today:

The new keyboard stand has arrived.  It's an On-Stage Z stand.  Two tiers, as you can see.

Top tier holds the V-Synth, which cannot have anything above it due to the D-Beam.  The JD-800 is on the bottom tier.  Underneath, Studiologic FP-113 bass pedals.  The rack to the left contains a Mackie 16-channel mixer, and underneath, the Matrix-6R.

The old keyboard stand.  The Juno-106 resides on the bottom tier for now; when my Solaris comes in, it will take the JD800's place on the new stand, and the JD800 will move to the bottom tier of this stand.  (Only the bottom tier is deep enough to hold it.)  The Juno will move up to the second tier, which is not deployed in this photo.  The top tier will hold the drum machine, and the remote control and monitor for the sampler.  To the left is my long-suffering homemade 19" rack, which barely survived its perilous journey down the driveway to the basement.  

I originally built this table to straddle the legs of the old keyboard stand when I needed a fourth tier to hold a bunch of stuff.  Now, it will serve a new purpose as the home of the EML.  For the moment, it's also holding the S-750 sampler, the JD-990, and some other rack gear.  Eventually, I'm going to get another half rack to go with the mixer half rack, and all that stuff will move over there.

Hammond goes here!  As soon as I find some strong friends to help me move it in from the garage.

Lovely hi-tech producer's chair.  Doubles as a step-ladder for painting ceilings.  

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flowthrough said...

Beautiful EML you have there.