Sunday, January 20, 2008

Solaris demo

I've got one of these puppies on order. See the demo vid here, from SonicState. If you're interested, they have a couple of money-saving deals on pre-orders. The John Bowen Synth Designs site is here, and it includes a forum where users can ask questions and interact with Bowen himself. He's been really good about taking user suggestions concerning the design of the Solaris.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I just read your comment over on Matrix's site and recognized your last name from VSE and the John Bowen forum.
I'm actually seamonkey over at VSE and John's site(I haven't commented over there yet).
I too have preordered a Solaris, I think it's going to be quite the sonic beast.
I watched the NAMM video again and I fell deeper in love with

Just wanted to touch base, hope to see you around the forums.