Saturday, October 13, 2012

Discombobulator changes

Several months ago I purchases a Rob Hordijk Designs Phaser Filter.  At the time, I didn't have a place to put it.  Last week, I did a rearrangement of the Discombobulator, and I removed a few modules that I haven't been using much, and a couple that weren't working right.  That left me space to install the Phaser Filter.  But, when I went to connect the power cable (it can take the MOTM-format or Dotcom-format power inputs, I found a small problem: The module uses a "sandwich" of two circuit boards, and the space between isn't quite large enough to get the female connector in over the ends of the male connector's pins:

The fix was pretty easy, though: remove the two screws holding the rear board to the standoffs at that end, and loosen the two screws at the other end.  That lets the rear board move away from the front board enough to get the connector in:

The Phaser Filter is a combination of a 5-stage phaser in series with a 3-stage lowpass filter.  It's rather unusual in that, if no modulation signal is plugged into the mod in jacks for each function, the modulation defaults to the incoming audio signal.  I'll have a review with a few audio examples up soon.  Here's the module, ready for installation:

Here are the five blocks of the Discombobulator, brought together on top of the Hammond A100:

The current composition:
Tethys (upper left):
1.  Synth Tech MOTM-310 micro VCO
2.  Synth Tech MOTM-310 micro VCO
3.  Synth Tech MOTM-310 micro VCO
4-5. Rob Hordijk Phaser Filter
6-7. Encore Electronics Frequency Shifter
8.  open
9.   Synth Tech MOTM-890 micro mixer

Iapetus (lower left):
1-2.  Synth Tech MOTM-650 four-channel MIDI interface
3.  Oakley EFG envelope follower / gate generator
4-5.  Synth Tech MOTM-820 voltage controlled lag processor
6. Q128 A-B routing switch
7-8.  Encore Electronics Universal Event Generator
9. Q108 VCA

Dione (upper right):
1. Q130 clipper / rectifier
2-3.  Synth Tech MOTM-410 Triple Resonant Filter (modified)
4-5.  Synth Tech MOTM-510 WaveWarper
6.  Cynthia Steiner Filter (jacks converted to 1/4")
7-8.  Synth Tech MOTM-440 OTA lowpass filter
9.  Synth Tech MOTM-890 micro mixer

Titan (middle right): 
1. Q141 oscillator aid
2-3. Q106 VCO
4.  open
5.  Synth Tech MOTM-190 VCA / ring modulator
6. Q109 ADSR envelope generator
7. Q123 voltage / frequency standards

Rhea (bottom right):
1-2. Q106 VCO
3. Q161 oscillator mixer
4-5.  Synth Tech MOTM-320- voltage controlled LFO
6-7.  Synth Tech MOTM-101 noise source / sample and hold
8-9.  open

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