Thursday, March 11, 2010


Screw heads, that is. I want the screw heads to match the finish of the modules in the Discombobulator. It's hard to find small wood screws that are painted. So I roll my own. The paint is gloss black modeling enamel. Unfortunately, it's quite humid here so they aren't going to be dry until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it occurs to me that it's been quite a while since I update the module lineup of the Discombobulator. I've decided to name the four function blocks after moons of Saturn. I was going to use Jupiter moons at first, but Jovian names have already been used considerably in the synth world, including the very successful Jupiter and Juno synths from Roland. But as far as I know, Saturn names have barely been touched except for one unremarkable string synth from Roland in the early '80s (the SA-09 Saturn). So the four existing blocks are now named Titan, Dione, Rhea, and Iapetus. A fifth block, currently in the parts-ordering stage, will be named Tethys, which will cover the moons discovered by Huygens and Cassini (the astronomer, not the satellite). So here's the lineup of the three blocks in the room with me:

Titan (so named because it was the first moon of Saturn discovered, and the first function block I built:
  • Q141 oscillator aid
  • Q106 VCO
  • 1U open
  • Synthesis Technology MOTM-190 VCA
  • Q109 envelope generator
  • Q123 standards
  • 1/2U open
  • Q130 clipper/rectifier
  • Synthesis Technology MOTM-410 triple resonant filter
  • Synthesis Technology MOTM-510 WaveWarper
  • Cynthia Synthacon VCF
  • Synthesis Technology MOTM-440 OTA VCF
  • Synthesis Technology MOTM-890 micro mixer
  • Q106 VCO
  • Q161 oscillator mixer
  • Synthesis Technology MOTM-320 VC LFO
  • Synthesis Technology MOTM-101 sample and hold
  • 1/2U open
  • Synthesis Technology MOTM-890 micro mixer
Iapetus is out on the workbench getting some new modules installed. Here's a pic of one of them:

Oh darn, the flash washed out the image. Guess you'll just have to wait until this weekend to find out what it is!

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