Friday, November 14, 2008

Miscellaneous update

The JD-990 has developed a nasty buzzing noise in the right main output.  I'm not sure what's up with that yet.  I had noticed a couple of weeks ago that the outputs have become kind of noisy.  They had a weird low-level rustling noise, kind of like some of the bad digitally generated white noise generators from the '80s.  

I'm working on an idea for a Statescape.  I've created a bunch of patches with "reverse" envelopes; that is, they have very slow attacks and abrupt releases, so that when you play a note, there's kind of a reverse-tape effect.  I'm going to record a track of these, run it through a long-period delay, and then reverse the result.  The reversed track should have "normal" sounding notes, but reversed decay of the echo -- it builds up instead of fading out.  I might also try adding the delay after the track is reversed; I've done a test track that way, and the results were encouraging.  There are other possible variations, such as forward or reverse reverb.  

There is an electronic music wiki that I have contributed a considerable number of articles to recently.  Most of my stuff has been technical articles; another contributor has added a few articles on artists, but there is very little else on artists, companies, or works yet.  I welcome other contributions.  You have to set up a user ID with Wikia, but it's free.

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