Monday, September 29, 2008

Purple people eater

My latest acquisition -- an Ensoniq Fizmo:

This really wasn't in my plans, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick it up from a local seller.  And I don't have any other synth that does wavetable scanning. so it'll be something new.  I'm not sure if I'll wind up keeping it or not.  Once the Solaris I have on order comes in, I won't have any place to put the Fizmo; I've already got three tiers on my A-stand and I don't want to add a third tier to my Z-stand, since the V-synth has to go on top and that will make it too high.

This Fizmo has the time-bomb LM2940 voltage regulator.  Because of that, I haven't powered it up yet, and I'm not going to until I get a chance to replace the regulator.  The seller gave me the replacement part, which he had received from Ensoniq but never installed.  The synth came out of my car and went straight to the workbench.  It may be next week before I get to it; my wife and I are appearing in a ballroom dance competition this weekend, and that is taking up most of my spare time this week.

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